Credit Card Applications

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Credit card applications can be found almost anywhere. Credit card companies often pick certain times of the year to push credit cards, such as holiday shopping seasons, or the first weeks of college at large schools. They will offer small gifts to those who fill out applications, usually targeting large crowds of people. However, you shouldn't apply for credit just because someone presents you a credit card application.

Applying for Credit

Oftentimes, enthusiastic salespeople will offer you credit cards, and it's hard to say no. But the fine print on these applications takes a while to read, and usually you're not getting a great deal. Always look for a good APR (and not just an introductory APR), and always be sure you know your creditor. Be wary of scammers, and never get a credit card unless you were planning to.

When applying for a credit card, usually you will have to give your name and address, social security number, and any previous addresses. With this information, the creditor will look up your credit history, and decide whether you are qualified for credit or not. Often, creditors will offer variable APRs to people with different credit scores.

Always go to a reputable lender for your credit card applications. Most major banks will offer credit cards, as do credit card companies. In addition, major companies such as Target, L.L. Bean, and other will issue credit cards with special bonuses at their stores. Applications for these cards can be found online, or at the store that issues them.

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