Credit Card Low Apr

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Three Components to a Wise Credit Card Choice

When selecting a credit card low APR is crucial in making the right choice. Without low interest rates you will be stuck paying outrageous fees on your monthly bill. Since most of us don't pay our bill in full every month, your credit, low APR and spending limit are the three most important factors to measure when looking for a new credit card.

How long will your introductory APR last? Sure, many companies offer very low even zero percent APR in the beginning. What happens after six months or after you have paid off your transfer balance? Many times credit card companies will increase the APR. Be sure to read the fine print before selecting a credit card company.

Paying Bills On Time

There are some contracts out there that offer a credit card, low APR and cash back bonuses. However, many of these contracts require you to pay your bill on time every month. Should you miss a payment your contract and APR are subject to increases based on your payment performance. If you know this in advance you won't be shocked when you learn your low APR just went up to 14 percent.

No one wants to be hit with interest charges that hinder your ability to pay off the actual balance on the card. Once you've selected the appropriate credit card be sure to spend wisely. Interest rates, no matter how low are not a hole you want to dig yourself into.

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