Credit Card Rankings

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Credit card rankings are a good resource to use when you are trying to select which card to apply for. By looking at independent rankings you should have a general feel for which cards offer the best rates, terms and credit limits. Before applying for a new card or opening an account you need to have an idea of the terms of this agreement.

Using Credit Card Rankings

As more and more financial institutions issue credit cards the consumer has more options to choose from. Knowing what rates, terms or rewards you are looking for should help narrow down the cards you have to select from. You can decide on specific qualities that you want your card to have and look at rankings based solely on those criteria.

Instead of looking at hundreds of different account descriptions you should be able to review the credit card rankings of only a handful. If at first your search yields more results than you want, add other features to limit your options. An advantage of using online card rankings is that each person can personalize their rankings based upon their specific desires.

Be Objective

If you are looking at a credit card company's website you may see claims that they are ranked number one in certain categories. At the same time, a trip to another website may show another card claiming the same ranking. If you plan on basing your decision on rank, it is critical that you find an independent ranking system rather than one sponsored by the card companies themselves.

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