Credit Card Ratings

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Credit card ratings are one of the ways to select among different credit card issuers or even credit card types. One institution may offer more than one type of card, be it gold or platinum, and it is up to you to make the decision of which to go with. Ratings often take many different factors into account and can give you a good idea of what benefits each card offers.

Making Sense of Credit Card Ratings

I believe the most important part of interpreting ratings is to find out who is rating the cards. In some cases, the actual credit card issuer may be the one in charge of scoring rank. Of course this makes a very biased ranking, one that should not be followed strictly. Looking at consumer websites or reports makes the most sense and will provide an objective look at different cards.

Once you have found a good source for ratings the next step is to limit your options to only what you are looking for. If you pay off your credit balance each month then there are cards available that offer very low rates and high rewards. Or perhaps you use your credit card often to pay for business travel. In this case a card with frequent flyer miles or other travel rewards are what you are looking for.

Learning More

There are thousands of different credit cards available to consumers, small businesses or large corporations. Finding out more about the cards is an important step when looking for a new card. By looking at credit card ratings you can find out what the best rates are, who has the best reward system and also who may offer cards to individuals with poor or no credit.

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