Credit Card Reviews

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Credit card reviews offer more information and usually a more personal story than traditional rankings. While rankings do take customer satisfaction into consideration you may feel more comfortable hearing about someone's experience. You can find reviews on financial institutions, specific credit cards or even phony mail-in offers.

Finding Credit Card Reviews

The credit card industry is extremely large and also very powerful. You may receive up to five credit card offers in the mail each week but never receive any negative information about the dangers of credit debt. Financial institutions do not intentionally hide disparaging items but they also do not broadcast them. As a result of this, finding reviews about cards, both good and bad, may be hard to do.

For the most part you may just have to trust that the issuer will not hike interest rates on you or ask for large opening deposits to guarantee the card. However, I have found an excellent site that provides credit card rankings as well as reviews that may help you in your decision. Although the reviews are offered by card holders and may contain some embellishments, the site also promotes information rather than opinions.

Knowledge is Power

Reviewing credit card stories and information provided by consumers and watchdogs should give you a good idea of how credit card companies handle disputes or cases of fraud. In addition to looking at credit card reviews you can also gain information about repairing or improving credit through newsletters detailing new offers or things to watch for.

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