Credit Cards For College Students

Written by Jared Vincenti
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College students should be very careful about applying for credit cards. Many companies will issue cards to unemployed college freshmen, and many students use these cards unwisely. The amount of educational debt shouldered by college students is already substantial, and the last thing you want to do is add bad credit to it.

Many consumer advocacy groups have been filing lawsuits against major creditors, accusing them of targeting college students. As a group, young adults are known to spend more with their first credit card than they can afford, and end up paying the consequences of bad credit their whole lives. With the number of college students with credit cards rising each year, don't let yourself be part of the bad statistics.

Finding the Right Credit Cards for College Students

If you are a student looking for a credit card, the first rule to remember is to start small. Only take out one credit card, and make sure it has a relatively low credit limit--$500 is a common start. This way, you can't spend too much, and if you do overrun your credit, it's not that hard to climb out of your financial hole.

More important than that, though, is to remember to stay frugal. Don't treat yourself to pizza and beer every weekend on your credit card, because that gets expensive fast. Save it for special occasions and emergencies, so that your credit is there when you need it. Everyone is broke in college, but savvy credit card usage can save you from being more broke after college.

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