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Discover Card

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When it comes to purchasing power, great interest rates, and cashback bonuses, Discover is the card that delivers. For decades, Discover has been a leader in special offers and ways to earn money when you buy. Discover also offers a wide variety of cards to suit every need and every credit level.

Getting a Discover card is fast and easy, depending on your credit history. You can actually apply online for any of their cards. In addition, you will be able to access your new account and to view the wide range of services they offer. Special events, insurance, double cashback offers on selected purchases, and even credit protection are among the low-cost features you can get with your card.

Discover Card Advantages

Discover is known for its innovative Cashback Bonus Award available with every card. Some people prefer cards with airline miles, while others like a 0% introductory APR and no annual fee cards. Discover offers regular, gold, and platinum cards and even a titanium card. If you qualify for their Cashback Bonus Plan card, you can get up to a 10 percent Cashback Bonus annually. Whichever card you get, you should check for special bonuses such as a discount on Turbo Tax when you file online.

There are over 150 designs you can choose from for most of the card types. You can access your account and pay your bill online at Discover's secure website. You can also shop for thousands of products at Discover's ShopCenter. Need a student card to help your college freshman learn about credit? Discover has the perfect card, one that will help your student establish a credit history, while earning double Cashback Bonus points when he or she uses the card at selected stores, restaurants, movie rental stores, and more.

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