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Discover Credit

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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If you're looking for a great credit card and one that offers a cashback bonus with every purchase, then Discover is the card for you. Not only is your Discover card a great deal, but Discover offers you a wide range of products and services that help you manage your finances and guard your credit identity. Discover also offers accident coverage, health care discounts, and a number of other financial services.

Let's talk about credit cards first. You've probably heard of platinum cards, gold cards, and even titanium cards. Discover has created an entire line of cards starting with their basic card and including an airline miles card, a student card, and a cashback bonus card. Several cards offer you a 0% introductory interest on both purchases and balance transfers for 10 months. Many of their competitors offer the low introductory rate only on transfers. Discover also offers cashback awards and has arrangements with several major merchants who offer double rewards.

Low Cost Discover Credit Cards

Many of Discover's great cards come with low interest rates and no annual fees. Unlike the offers you may be getting in the mail, there are no hidden charges that can add up to as much as $300 just to get started. At the Discover website, you can pay your bill and manage your account, and you can even do your shopping at their ShopCenter. Discover also comes with special promotions that can save you even more.

For students, the Discover card is a great way to learn about managing credit while providing buying power in case of emergencies. The card comes with no annual fees and up to the same two percent cashback award as regular Discover cards. In addition, Discover credit student cards help students begin to establish a credit history that can come in handy when they graduate from college. The card also comes with a compact companion card that can be added to a key ring, and the student can choose one of several card designs.

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