Discover Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Discover cards have been around for several decades. They offer some interesting features that many customers appreciate. For example, Discover cards have always had a rewards program which now includes online buying as well as cash back options. The cash back option can even be deposited to customer savings accounts electronically.

Discover Cards Today

Free online account access is a given with Discover cards, but their website offers much more than that. In addition to managing accounts online, customers can also set up automatic bill payments, locate ATMs, and search for online rewards. Customers and applicants can also access new cards, a shopping center, and special events and promotions that can save them money.

One fun feature of Discover cards is that customers can select from a wide range of card designs and can change designs without charge at any time. Keychain cards to go are also available. For students, Discover offers no-annual-fee cards at great rates helping students to establish good credit and manage spending early.

Discover cards offer so many great features that it takes their whole website to describe them. Some of the best places to shop are included in Discover's partner list where members can redeem award points on everything from great electronics to clothes dryers. As for added features, Discover also offers credit protection, ID theft protection, and card registration. If you're looking for a card with lots of options and features, Discover may be the card for you.

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