Discover Platinum

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When you compare credit card offers online, you should look for reviews conducted by vendors and by individuals who have used the card you are considering. Discover Platinum cards regularly receive high ratings because of specific features offered with their platinum cards. Discover has always been known for its cash back and rewards programs, and they are still the leader in that area of credit cards.

In the credit world today, many card companies are instituting annual fees for the privilege of using their cards and making them money. Discover Platinum cards do not carry any annual fee. They do, however, offer online account access, credit protection, credit reports, and accident protection. Discover also offers personal and home loans and brokerage and savings accounts.

For those who want to enjoy earning money when they spend money, Discover Platinum cards are an excellent choice. Here's how it works. Each time you make a purchase with a Discover card, the amount is is recorded. Then, when you access your account online, you will be able to see where you stand in terms of your available cash back amount. You can actually redeem your cash back award online as well.

What Customers Say about Discover Platinum

Discover customers love the no annual fee program and appreciate being able to choose their own card designs. In addition, Discover card holders love the 100 percent fraud protection that comes with their cards. This feature alone makes a Discover card a wise choice since customers are never responsible for any unauthorized online usage of their cards.

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