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Free Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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I'm a big fan of free credit cards. There's just something wrong in my mind about paying for something that other people get for free. That's why I always look at offers for these particular cards.

What Are Free Credit Cards?

Okay, here's a little free credit cards 101. On the surface, it seems like all credit cards are free. You get the offer in the mail or online, you look it over, you fill out the application, and you get your card. No money changes hands, so it's free, right?

Not really. Many credit cards charge an annual fee. This fee is simply charged to your card every year, and it's the cost of keeping that card. Cards with annual fees are not free credit cards. However, many companies have offers for cards with no annual fee whatsoever.

Low interest credit cards, business credit cards, rewards cards ... any of these could also be free credit cards. The only way to know for sure whether or not your card is free is to read the offer carefully. There are some instances where you might think the benefits of a particular card outweigh the annual fee costs, but for the most part, I advise you to think twice before taking a credit card that isn't free.

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