Gas Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Did you know that gas credit cards were among the first kinds of credit cards that came out around the end of World War II? Today gas credit cards can still be a great way to ensure that you always have a way to get gas or services on the road. In addition, they are commonly used by businesses that pay their credit card bills off each month and are thus creating a savings on gas. With rebates of up to five percent on gas purchases, anyone who wants to do something to reduce the rising cost of fuel can, in fact, enjoy significant savings.

Two Types of Gas Credit Cards

Gas cards come in two forms, general purchase cards and company specific cards. Obviously, if you or your staff travel extensively by car, you would be most likely to choose a general purchase card such as a Visa or MasterCard issued as a gas card. You should be sure to understand the terms of the rebate, including any excluded gas companies and whether there is a limit to the amount of cash back or rebates that you can obtain.

Some of these cards come with start-up fees, and since the credit card company is returning money to the user, additional fees may apply. It is always important to determine whether the fees make a particular card a bad choice. If you check out several websites, you will almost certainly find one or more gas credit cards that will save you money.

Whether used for personal or business use, gas cards give you or your employees the freedom to conduct your business efficiently without worrying about carrying cash when while travelling. They also give you the opportunity to keep track of your gas expenditures. Businesses can obtain an annual accounting summary that will save valuable man hours at tax time. Using gas cards, especially cards with rebates or cash back, is a great way to keep travel costs down.

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