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Gasoline Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In the past, gasoline credit cards were limited to a single brand of gasoline. This meant that you sometimes had to drive several miles to be able to use your card. It also meant that, if you traveled out of state, you might not be able to use your card at all. Things have really changed in the last couple of years. Today you can get a gasoline card that allows you to purchase any type of gasoline while still earning rebates on your purchases.

One gasoline card offers a six percent rebate on all gasoline purchases made anywhere in the United States for the first 90 days you have the card. After that introductory offer expires, you continue to get a three percent rebate on all gasoline purchases. There's more. With that particular card, you will also get a one percent rebate on all purchases made with your card. That card can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Gasoline Credit Cards Advantages

One great feature of some rebate gasoline cards is that the rebates are automatically credited towards your future purchases. You don't have to wait a year to get your rebates. This helps to keep your balance lower and saves you money on interest. Gasoline cards often offer a generous credit line and purchase protection. The card we mentioned above has no annual fee for the first year and charges you only a $19 annual fee after that. The annual fee can be waived, however, if you used your card to buy gasoline at least nine times in the previous year.

If you're going to get a gasoline card, it makes sense to get a card that allows you to get your gas anywhere in the country with no restrictions. Think of the advantage that can be had when you're traveling out of state where your other gas cards may not be accepted. Having a gasoline card with a rebate feature can definitely help you to offset the rising prices at the pump.

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