Instant Approval Credit Cards

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Thanks to the Internet, many banks and credit card companies are able to conduct their business faster than ever before. Credit report agencies also have their services online, so that people applying for credit cards can get approval in a flash. Many times, you can even get instant approval on a credit card application online.

Credit Cards on the Spot

Most of the major credit card companies have websites that allow customers to apply for credit cards. These sites allow instant approval for those with good credit, so long as everything is in good order. The computer database simply calls up a credit score for the applicant, and if the applicant's score is greater than the minimum for instant approval, they get a credit card number on the spot.

In 1966, the US government passed the Freedom of Information Act, which among other things, granted an individual the right to access any and all information about themselves. Under this Act, you have the right to know your current credit score, and you can often retrieve the information for free. There are several credit-reporting agencies online, and you can always request a copy of your own credit score.

If you know you have good credit, but you are declined instant approval credit cards, it may not be your fault. If you have moved or gotten married recently, the system will note a change in your information and pass it on to a human for evaluation. This is simply a security measure to reduce credit fraud, and does not reflect on your credit score at all.

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