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Low Interest Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Now is a great time to find low interest credit cards. Honestly, there are so many companies offering so many cards, that they have to be incredibly competitive to get your business. In some circumstances, if you own a card with a high interest rate, you can call the company and get them to lower it, simply by threatening to dump the card.

Getting Low Interest Credit Cards

Of course, why haggle with an existing high interest rate card when getting a new low interest rate credit card is so easy. By looking online at a credit card comparison website, you can quickly see what interest rate offers are out there. Should you find an interest rate that suits you, you can even apply for a credit card online.

Low interest credit cards are especially important when you think you might carry a balance. Some of us have been through the whole Self Discovery 101 thing and know a thing or two about ourselves, like whether or not we're likely to pay off our credit cards every month.

Yet even if you're meticulous and pay off your balance regularly, there can be unforeseen situations. If you get laid off, if you have a family emergency, you might not have the money available to pay off your credit card for a month or two. That's why offers like low interest credit cards and free credit cards are beneficial no matter what your situation.

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