Online Credit Card Approval

Written by Jared Vincenti
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With the large numbers of competing credit card companies out there, it is becoming easier and easier to get a credit card. Since many customers prize convenience, most credit card companies have moved many of their services online. You can now check your balance, pay your bill, and apply for new cards online.

Online Credit Applications

Almost every creditor offers online applications, and the process is remarkably easy. You simply find the company you want to apply for credit through, and then find their application site. The page will ask you to enter your full name, your social security number, and other relevant information such as current and previous addresses.

From there, the process is largely automated, and can even be done late at night or on weekends. Your credit score is retrieved, and if it is high enough, you can be approved instantly. You may not receive online credit card approval, though, if your credit score is below a certain mark, or if any of your information does not match up. Your application can still be approved, though, it just needs to be seen by a credit professional before getting the thumbs' up.

Part of the reason you may not get an instant approval is that banks are very thorough about checking information because of identity theft. If you have recently moved, or even if there is a typo on your application, you will not be automatically approved and will have to wait for manual approval. You can do your part to fight identity theft by only sending personal information under a secure internet connection.

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