Platinum Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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When credit cards first arrived on the financial scene a few decades ago, they were usually offered by a local bank and were limited to purchases at specific gas stations or retail stores. They were called charge cards and usually had relatively low credit lines. When Visa was introduced as a nationally accepted card, the credit lines began to grow.

Ultimate Platinum Cards

The first steps towards increasing credit limits were silver and gold credit cards. These cards could be used almost everywhere and had higher limits than older charge cards. Some of these limits were impressive, going up to five thousand dollars or more. They required a better credit rating than charge cards and often came with interesting perks such as rebates, cash back, or low APRs.

There were, however, people who had excellent credit and whose purchases often far exceeded the limits imposed by even the best gold cards. For those people, the platinum credit card was devised. Platinum credit cards usually come with impressive features that are designed to keep wealthy customers satisfied and paying interest.

Excellent credit can get you a platinum card with a credit limit in the high five figures or more. These cards usually come with a zero percent APR for up to 18 months and a zero percent APR for a limited time on balance transfers. Fees are generally low. In addition, these credit cards usually come with very low interest rates at the end of the introductory period. Look for platinum cards online that also come with attractive discounts at world famous retail stores and with rewards that meet your specific purchasing needs.

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