Reward Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Reward credit cards offer cash back on purchases, airline miles, rebates, special sales events, and even incentives. These bonuses are specifically designed to make the cards more attractive to consumers. In fact, they can be a really good choice if the customer has a specific goal in mind that will be attained faster by using the card.

Whether you want to redeem points for travel tickets, gift certificates, or merchandise, there is a reward card that can help you do your holiday shopping or get you on that cruise faster or even help you with a down payment on a car. Here on the Internet you can find as many reward cards as there are rewards you would like to obtain. The key to having a successful experience with your reward card is to choose a card that meets your financial criteria as well as your rewards plan.

This means comparing interest rates and card fees as well as checking out how easy it is to get your rewards and how often you can redeem them. In particular, you may have heard about past difficulties with airline miles cards. In most cases, the issue was blackouts on popular flights, which left cardholders traveling at odd times and on odd days of the week. Newer airline miles offers are much more flexible, but be sure to determine which airlines will accept your card's vouchers.

Toys and More

Some rewards cards offer points for every dollar spent in a particular store or type of store. Others offer access to exclusive sales and promotions, and many of them provide online access to the items you want. You may be eligible for large point bonuses when you first get your card and/or when you make a specific type of purchase. Again, it's important to read the fine print and to understand the benefit you will be getting by using a particular rewards credit card.

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