Travel Credit Cards

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Some of the most successful strategies implemented by credit card companies to encourage applicants is to offer rewards. While it seems somewhat counterintuitive that an institution would have to offer bonuses to encourage people to borrow money, there are so many competing institutions that a buyer with good credit can get a credit card almost anywhere. To draw more business (and revenue), credit card companies have taken to offering kickbacks to their users.

Earning Miles

One of the first bonus systems was the airline miles system, which is still one of the most popular today. With one of these cards, a buyer would get bonus frequent flyer miles on a certain airline with every purchase. These miles could then be redeemed for free travel, once the distance of the trip equals the number of accumulated miles.

Now, many travel credit cards offer bonus miles just for joining, on top of any miles earned through purchases. Competing bonus miles cards can offer up to 12,000 miles for free, and that's just for joining! Airlines can offer credit cards good for frequent flyer miles, and can also offer discounts on air fare purchases made with their own card.

It isn't just air travel that's being attached to credit card bonuses. Gasoline, train tickets, hotel reservations, and even cruises have bonus systems worked into specific credit cards. These rewards systems have been remarkably successful, perhaps showing just how much we all would love a vacation!

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