Travel Visa

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, there is a Visa card you can rely on anywhere you go. Visa is the number one card in the world, used by more people than any other card. Visa users report that they know they can count on Visa to make things right quickly if their cards are lost or stolen while they're travelling.

Visa Security

The Visa Global ATM network has over 900,000 locations around the world. Travelers who carry a Visa get solid Visa purchase and fraud protection, as well as the convenience that Visa's many ATMs and offices offer. When you're planning your trip, for example, you can search online for the location of the ATMs nearest to your hotels all along the way. You can even find advice on how to use ATMs safely wherever you are.

Visa offers both credit and debit cards for your convenience. With its Visa logo, your bank debit card will be accepted everywhere you travel. In addition, you can get Visa travel money. With travel money, you pre-pay the amount of foreign cash you want to access. You Visa card will work at ATMs in over 150 countries, and it allows you to get local currency whenever you need it by using your personalized PIN.

Accepted by millions of vendors and financial institutions, Visa travelers checks are issued in a variety of currencies and can be obtained in single signature or dual signature formats. You can purchase Visa travelers checks at financial institutions around the world. Should your checks be lost, you can call the toll-free number that comes with the checks for immediate assistance.

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