Uk Credit Card Deals

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Applying for a credit card in the UK is generally a simple and straightforward process. UK credit card companies fall into three main categories: UK "high-street" (publicly common) banks, online banks and supermarket banks. Each of these types of companies offers various deals to lure the credit card shopper into owning their cards.

The Variety of Credit Card Deals Found in the UK

Be they zero percent interest rates or airline mileage points, the benefits of individual credit cards are wide-ranging and easily confusing. While it may seem great to apply for the first card that sounds great, keep in mind that not all cards are the same. Many UK credit card companies will offer introductory periods of zero interest, usually between six and nine months of "free" purchases with no interest fees attached to the monthly payments.

After a period of time, however, those zero or low interest fees may increase considerably, and may come as an unwelcome surprise if one is not careful to watch out for the changes. Even fixed-rate cards may change over a period of time. The card owner is warned in advance about fixed-rate interest changes; however, variable rates may change quickly and affect your credit balance significantly.

The key is to keep a careful eye on what's going on with your credit card companies. That means, among other things, applying for one card at a time instead of many cards at once. Individuals commonly find themselves in trouble by carrying massive amounts of credit balances on multiple cards. Also keep track of when zero interest rates cease. Don't be afraid to take advantage of great credit card deals, but do so wisely.

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