Uk Interest Free Credit Cards

Written by Ingrid Chen
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If you are new to the process of building your UK credit, it may seem overwhelming to sift through all the information available in the market today. Don't be intimidated! There are simple steps one can take to establish a good credit history.

The easiest way to begin building credit is applying for a credit card. Credit card applications are easily obtained through the mail or online. It is extremely important, however, to take a look at the way you spend and to find the card that fits your habits. With all the options available, it is easy to apply for any card. Choosing wisely and finding the card that fits you the best is the smart way to build a solid, healthy credit record.

What are Interest Free Credit Cards?

Many credit cards offer zero percent interest rates for an initial period of time, usually between six and nine months. Interest is a percentage of the credit balance that applies to each payment, if a balance is carried from month to month. Applying for an interest free credit card is a convenient way to step into building credit.

However, keep in mind that the rates will begin to apply after a pre-determined period of time. If you plan on paying off your balance each month, the annual percentage rate may not apply to you as heavily as it does to an individual who carries a consistent balance on his or her card. In that case, look out for extra fees that may apply, such as per-purchase charges.

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