Usa Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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First USA is one of the leaders in the credit card industry in the United States. With a variety of card benefits and options, these credit cards can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. In addition to the standard advantages of cash back, vendor-specific rewards, and low introductory interest rates, their cards also offer some unique ways to make your credit work for you.

Special Rewards

One popular First USA credit card earns users Sony Reward Points on all purchases made with the card. Those points can be used to purchase Sony products, and the card comes with no annual fee and a zero percent introductory rate for six months. Of course, you can get airline miles cards that earn you trips on specific airlines and come with significant introductory bonuses. Customers who use these cards appreciate the speed with which they accumulate enough miles to travel.

For a card that offers fun and enchantment, you can't beat a Disney Visa card from First USA. Not only do you get the zero percent introductory rate for six months, but you also pay no interest on Disney Vacation Packages for six months. Some of these cards require excellent credit, but most are available to people with good credit, and some come with low interest rates that save you money.

Under the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover umbrellas, First USA credit cards are accepted in more places in the world than you can imagine. Visa alone has over 900,000 ATMs in over 150 countries so that users can access cash when they travel. Once you find the right card, especially one that offers you the rewards you want, remember that using your card wisely is the best way to maintain a good credit rating.

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