Usa Platinum Credit Cards

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In the early days of credit, cards were issued primarily by oil companies and department stores, and card holders could only shop at specific locations. It wasn't until decades later that the concept of different levels of credit cards emerged. The first level of cards offered to the general public were silver and gold cards. These cards usually came with lower interest rates and higher credit limits and were intended for those who had very good credit.

The next step was the platinum card. Platinum cards often come with five digit or higher credit limits and a multitude of special features. Zero percent introductory rates are pretty standard, as are balance transfers with no fees and zero percent interest for up to about six months. As with all other major credit cards, you can apply for USA platinum credit cards online and have your response within minutes.

One word of advice. Whenever you are providing anyone online with your personal financial information, be sure you know the site is secure. Major banks and credit vendors are very interested in protecting your assets as well as theirs, so they will tell you up front that their sites are secure. You can be relatively certain that any information you provide at these sites is safe.

Platinum Credit Card Scams

Beware of credit card offers that you might get in the mail or by phone. There are some companies that offer platinum credit cards to help you reestablish credit. In many cases, you can only purchase items only from a specific vendor or catalog. You will probably be required to make a deposit equal to the amount you can charge, and you may find that these card companies do not report to credit bureaus. On the other hand, if you apply for a platinum card from a reputable financial institution, you will be pleased with the benefits and rewards of having the buying power you deserve.

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