Visa Card

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Researching credit cards can be a long drawn out process. Each offers a different interest rate and comes with varying rules and regulations. Whether you are looking for low monthly payments or cash back rewards, a Visa card is always a safe option.

Looking to Transfer Your Balance?

The Platinum BP Visa card offers a zero percent APR on all balance transfers for the first six months. If you are paying outrageous interest rates on your current credit card, you may want to consider switching to Visa. Additionally, the Visa Platinum card offers a six percent rebate on all BP and Amoco gas purchases. Not only will you save money on interest payments but now you can shave money off your gas bill!

Did you know that you can earn free flying miles by using a Fleet Miles Edge Platinum Visa card? For each dollar you spend you will earn one flyer mile. So the more you spend, the cheaper you're next vacation will be.

Find a Card that will Help You Reach Your Goals

Visa offers a multitude of credit cards, each with its own benefits. If you are looking to transfer your current credit card balances, find a card that offers zero percent interest on transfers. If your goal is to acquire free flyer miles, pick a card that allows you to accrue bonus miles. Whatever your goal, you're sure to find a credit card that will help you get there.

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