Visa Credit Cards

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When applying for a credit card, it seems as if there are almost too many companies to choose from. Almost every major bank has its own credit cards, and on top of that, there are companies that do nothing but offer credit cards. There is significant overlap in the system, though, and many cards are issued by both a bank and a credit card company.

When a retailer agrees to accept a certain type of credit card, they get charged for using the service. Rather than force retailers to pick and choose which cards they are going to accept, most banks will form partnerships with credit card companies. For example, credit cards from Wells Fargo Bank have VISA logos on them, so that they will be accepted anywhere that a VISA card is accepted.

The VISA Card

Originally started as the BankAmericard by the Bank of America, the familiar blue and gold colors of the VISA card were carried by a number of different cards. Outside of the United States, the BankAmericard was known as the BarclayCard in Great Britain, and in Canada it was the Chargex card. In 1976, the brands were consolidated under the VISA banner.

Now, VISA is operated by the VISA International Service Association in San Francisco. In addition to the VISA card, this company also manages the Plus brand of ATM machines. The brand promotes itself as the most widely accepted international credit card.

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