3 Bureau Online Credit Report

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A 3 bureau online credit report will provide a comprehensive look at a consumer's credit that can be used for large purchases such as a new automobile or a house. Most credit issuers look for a complete report from all three bureaus that show that a potential client has a solid credit history. Without a good history it may be tougher to take out a large loan or the rates may vary.

A Complete Credit Report

While the three credit agencies of Experian, Equifax and TransUnion all contain similar information; there are notable differences on each report. For example, a credit card issuer located on the east coast may not report all of their history to TransUnion which is located on the west coast. Although you should be able to identify these differences there is no need to update your history with every single bureau. A 3 bureau online credit report will pick up every credit account regardless of which bureau or bureaus it is reported to.

Correcting a 3 Bureau Online Credit Report

Even though a credit report that is generated online is technically all of your credit history, fixing mistakes or omissions on the report may be harder than you think. For the most part the credit report will list every single credit or loan account that you have ever had open. Many accounts may be duplicated or contain incorrect information. It is important to read through the report in its entirety and look for errors.

Once you have identified any possible mistakes or believe that payments or other activities are missing it is time to correct the credit report Many credit issuers have contact phone numbers to call in order to update your credit history. The remaining issuers only accept credit inquiries via mail which may be more difficult to complete and correct the history. After submitting the corrections it may take up to two months for the history to be updated, and that is only after the issuer has verified that the changes are correct.

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