Access Your Credit Report On Line

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Access your credit report on line to ensure that all the credit history and account information is updated and accurate. By reviewing your report often you can assure yourself that credit issuers have a correct picture of your financial standing. Looking at your credit report online will save the time spent waiting for a mailed copy to arrive.

Safeguarding Your Credit

A credit report is a highly private and confidential document that should only be viewed by those that will protect your rights and confidentiality. When you access your credit report on line you eliminate the worry about your credit information falling into the wrong hands either at the credit company, post office or to someone unknown to you.

Identity fraud is a blossoming crime. One way thieves can gain access to all your personal information is through a credit report or other credit documents. Viewing a credit report online is one way to be sure that you are the only one able to examine your history. Don't suffer through any more sleepless nights waiting for a mailed credit report to arrive. This will also alleviate the possibility of a credit report being stolen from the mail.

How to Access Your Credit Report on Line

Many websites that sell credit reports allow you to access your credit for long periods, possibly up to one year. Credit reports generated over the internet are easy to read and can often include links to explain what each section of the report means.

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I have very bad credit. At least 3000 darlols worth of credit card and doctors bills. I am wanting to pay this off, and try to rebuild my credit. After everything is paid off, how long before the creditors(actually collection agencies in my case) take the points of of your credit, and do they even do this? Will it really help if I pay it off, or am I doomed? I want to buy a new house, new car, and get a credit card, but I cant ( even though I make good money) before I get married- which should be soon. I see creit repair agencies and debt consolidators, but have heard they make matters worse. I would like to pay off my debts, but if it doesnt help my credit score-I feel like I could spend the money on other things.( I am a single mother, while I make good money-I dont have it to throw around). Does anyone know what I should do?I would like to add, that I do not have a large amount of credit card debt-it is very small.Most of my debt is medical.I also am not in any way saying that I make a great deal of money- but it is a very good amount for my age and experience. I can afford to make PAYMENTS on these items posted to my credit, but as of this moment ( holidays and all) I cannot pay them off- all at once. Would my credit report list who I should pay in specific ? I doubt very seriously that I have marks against my credit that are false, but if so it is worth a try to send them the correct info. Thanks for all of your help !Keep the great answers coming! I am taking notes!