Credit Dispute Reporting

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Credit dispute reporting is a process that may take some research and time on your part but one that can pay off in a large way. While reviewing your credit report and notifying creditors about errors on the report can be done rather quickly, disputing an item may take more effort and resources. Having credit information removed from a report is much harder to do than having a mistake corrected.

To have an error or mistake on your credit report fixed you only need to contact the credit issuer and have it corrected. The change may take a couple months to appear on your report but it will have an impact on your credit score. Credit dispute reporting is an important part of your finances and should be part of your regular routine.

Advantages of Credit Dispute Reporting

Negative remarks on your credit report may take up to seven years to be cleared from the report so it is important to correct mistakes as soon as possible. After you have submitted your disputes you can be assured that credit issuers will have accurate information about your financial status. Disputing erroneous marks on your report will allow you to have a higher credit score and additional buying power.

Do It For Yourself

No one at the three main credit reporting agencies or with your credit issuer is going to look after your credit report. The sheer number of reports makes this impossible so it is important to realize that you need to look out for yourself. Reviewing a credit report and keeping an eye out for mistakes will only help you and can make your life more enjoyable and stress free.

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