Credit Rating

Written by Breean Murel
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A credit rating is viewed by prospective landlords, lenders and employers. They view your credit rating to verify your credit history and make sure that you are a sound investment for them. It's important that you apply for an online credit report so you can clearly see your current credit score.

The Basics of a Credit Rating

There are three major credit bureaus where your credit information is stored. These bureaus are Trans Union, Experian and Equifax. You can usually obtain your credit rating scores for free from an online service. If you want more detailed information over a longer period of time, it's wise to seek out a service that provides credit services for you.

A good credit rating is a key component if you are trying to purchase a house, rent an apartment, buy a car or seeking any other type of loan. You can get your rating beforehand and know for certain where you stand in terms of your score. If you find that you have a poor score, you can take steps to improve your score before you take the next step in the process.

If you are trying to raise your credit rating, you can try to consolidate your loans which may raise your rating. You can also attempt to clear some of your debts which will undoubtedly have positive effects on your score. It's wise to get your rating as high as possible before you apply for anything major.

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