Credit Report And Score

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Your credit report and score can be as important as your income or current net worth. Even a higher than average salary or thousands of dollars in the bank will not guarantee approval for a new credit account. In some cases it may be wiser to pay off all bills and have little in the bank than to have high credit card balances and a lump of money in your savings account.

Free Credit Report and Score
The demand has increased greatly for credit reports as consumers become more aware that their report probably contains errors. As a result of this, many companies are now offering a free credit report or score that will detail a consumer's credit history and payment information. While the first report is usually free, monitoring your credit score or viewing it for an extended period of time may cost some money. Please be sure to read all the fine print before agreeing to receive a free credit report.

Although you may find that you do need to pay for a credit report and score, this information can be very valuable. A detailed credit report can be inexpensive but still provide significantly more information than a free credit report. This data may be necessary in order to remove older accounts or to update accounts that contain inaccuracies.

Where to Find
Entering a couple of keywords into just about any search engine will bring back thousands of website results providing credit reports. These reports can range from a simple credit score to a full-length credit report showing account activity from ten years ago. The real problem is not where to find a credit report; it is figuring out what the best site is for your needs. Research credit companies before making any purchase to ensure that they can provide the level of detail you are looking for.

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