Credit Report And Score Online

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Finding your credit report and score online is simpler than you may think. After entering a few key words into a search engine you'll be surprised by the amount of responses generated from your query. Be weary of those sites that offer free services, as many of them are marketing ploys tying you into a contract. For the select few that do offer truly free reports, here are some important questions that need answers before you agree to their services.

About Your Credit Report and Score Online

As mentioned previously in this site, there are three major credit bureaus: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. These are the three companies that report on all consumer activity on a monthly basis. The data collected from these companies is what results in your final FICO score.

A site that offers you a free credit report and score online may only be referring to the data from one of these companies. It is important to understand that lenders require a complete credit score from all three bureaus in order to adequately consider you for a loan. Find out whether the information provided to you is from all three companies or just one.

Cover Your Bases

Does accepting the free credit report require any service agreement from you? Reading the fine print in any contract will help avoid potentially harmful situations. Be sure to verify the security of the website before you submit any personal information about yourself. While the internet is safe for the most part, extra caution is suggested.

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