Credit Report History

Written by Breean Murel
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Your credit report history is not merely a document to be dreaded. In fact, a solid credit report history can be your ticket to securing your dream apartment, or finding the lowest APR on your credit card. Basically, your credit report history speaks volumes about your financial responsibility--and thus is taken heavily into consideration whenever any company or person is taking a risk on you.

Guard Your Credit Report History

Because of this, you will want to take steps to guard your credit report history. For starters, don't hand out your social security number, unless it is absolutely necessary and confidential. Your employers, of course, probably need this number to secure payment legitimately for tax purposes. Someone taking a survey or offering you a free gift from their company most certainly does not need this number from you.

Oftentimes, a social security number and some basic information is all someone needs to begin to commit identity theft. The main motivation for identity theft, of course, is to access your money--but your credit history will do just fine, as well. When it's difficult to purchase a car with a flawed credit history, your perfect credit history becomes quite tempting for this type of criminal.

You will want to safeguard your credit history by checking up on it regularly. By accessing your credit report online, you can be certain that you have an accurate reflection of your financial history. Also, if you happen to be applying for a house or loan, you might want to take a look at your credit history first, so that you can explain any problems proactively.

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