Credit Report Information

Written by Breean Murel
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Your credit report information takes into account how many new credit obligations you have recently taken on. If you open several credit card accounts at the same time it can look very bad. It appears that you are looking to spent a lot of money that you don't have.

It also takes into account how recently you opened all of the accounts and how long it has been since you opened a new account. They give primary consideration to the number of inquiries made in the last six months; the number of trade lines opened in the last year; and the number of months since the most recent inquiry.

Keep Inquiries off Your Credit Report Information

Inquiries are generally seen as a request for credit and thus are factored in as if you are searching for credit. Every time you fill out one of those credit card applications to get a free t-shirt, you are also getting an inquiry. Every time you fill out an online application for credit you are getting an inquiry. Even though the free gifts are sometimes pretty neat, consider this before you fill out those applications.

Too many inquiries on your credit report information looks very bad. It makes you a high risk for credit, and thus you will probably be turned down by everybody you apply with. The only creditors who may not mind are ones who charge a monthly or yearly fee and offer very low credit limits.

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