Equifax Credit Bureau

Written by Gregg Ruais
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As one of the three major credit bureaus, Equifax provides thousands of banks and credit card companies with comprehensive consumer credit reports, which are used to determine whether or not certain people are likely to make payments on time. Equifax keeps a file on anyone who has ever owned a credit card. In addition to record keeping and reporting, Equifax offers a wide variety of financial services to consumers.

Equifax Services Can Protect Your Credit

Because Equifax already keeps track of credit scores, they offer some of the most respected and reliable credit protector services. Credit protection is a major concern for many people. Just about everyone at least knows someone who has been the victim of identity theft and now has a lower credit rating because of it. It's frightening to know that your ability to purchase a house may hinge on something completely beyond your control.

Equifax offers a solution called Gold/Silver Credit Watch. Someone who pays for Gold service will receive notification any time a significant change, such as someone trying to obtain credit using the subscriber's name, occurs. This service helps people identify problems immediately.

One of Equifax's most comprehensive products is called Score Watch. People who subscribe to Score Watch receive notifications whenever their credit scores change drastically enough to impact the interest rates they may receive on loans. For decades, people maintain positive ratings.

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