Experian Credit Monitoring Review

Written by Charles Peacock
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Even if you think you have great credit, there are many reasons to keep a close eye on your credit report and your credit score. This is the best way, for instance, to quickly detect instances of identity theft. Checking your credit report will give you a list of each and every account opened under your name and social security number, so you can quickly find out if there are accounts open that you have not authorized.

How to Monitor Your Credit Report

Federal law now requires each of the major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) to give you one free credit report each year upon request. This is good news, but it still does not allow you to keep a close eye on your credit report. A lot can happen in a year, after all, and if you're not reviewing your credit report frequently, you might miss something important.

Companies like Experian offer paid subscription services that help you monitor changes in your credit report. For instance, Experian's Credit Manager service gives you unlimited access to your credit report. Once you sign up, you can log in to Experian's website and gain access to all sorts of credit monitoring tools.

Experian Credit Manager allows you to set up email notifications so that you will be informed by email if something important shows up on your report. In addition, it gives you the ability to simulate your credit score when different theoretical conditions are applied (such as taking out a new car loan). If you are worried about your credit, Experian Credit Manager is a good example of a service that can help you keep things under control.

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