Experian Credit Reports

Written by Charles Peacock
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There are a few different reasons you may be looking to get a copy of your credit report. A common reason is that you need to provide a copy of the report to a landlord or some other person or business that needs information about your credit history. Another common reason is that you're concerned about your credit history or your credit score, and you want to take steps to get everything back under control.

What Information Is Included in Your Credit Report?

If you've never seen a credit report, you may wonder what information is and is not included in the report. The reality is that a lot of information is included; perhaps more (if you have a dicey credit history) than you'd like to see. The first thing that your credit report lists is personal information like your name, current and previous addresses and phone numbers, your date of birth, your social security number, and lists of previous employers.

The bulk of your credit report consists of a list of credit accounts that you currently hold and have held in the past. This list shows the name of each creditor, the date that the account was opened, and the credit limit on the account (or the amount of the loan). Finally, it shows what the balance is on the account, what the monthly payment is, and what kind of payment pattern you've had over the last few years.

Credit reports also display information related to how other people are using your report. For instance, you can see a list of each and every person (or company) that has requested a copy of your credit report, and when they did so. A statement of dispute is also included, which allows you to include comments related to specific disputes that have been resolved in your favor or against you.

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