Free Credit Check

Written by Scott Martin
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A free credit check is often available quickly and easily via the Internet. Most credit check services offer a free credit check feature for first time users. This can clearly give you a quick overview of your credit history as well as your credit score.

A free credit check generally involves a free copy of your online credit report. Some services also offer additional features such as a month of free credit check monitoring service. This means that they monitor your credit for any fraudulent activity such as identity theft or other misuse. If you use a free credit check service, the free copy is then yours.

Finding a Free Credit Check

The Internet is your best bet when it comes to finding a good credit check for free. There are a bevy of sites online that offer all kinds of credit check services. You can undoubtedly find plenty that offer services that are initially free of charge.

You may be interested in subscribing to a service after you get your initial free credit check. You can then reap the benefits of all their services such as credit check monitoring and credit checks from all three major bureaus. You can also get easy to read charts detailing the specifics of your credit history.

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