Free Credit Report

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A free credit report may sound like a tempting offer, but be careful. You'll need to read all the details before signing up for such a service. Failure to do so may end up hurting your credit, when your initial intention was to fix it. How can you avoid such problems?

How often is your credit report run? With many of these free credit report services, they pull your credit report repeatedly. This sends up a red flag on your credit and may create a challenge for you when it comes time to apply for a mortgage or car loan.

How Much Does a Free Credit Report Cost?

Is the service really free? If the service you are considering is not a one-time deal, there may be some fine print that states you are required to pay an annual fee. Be sure to read about cancellation clauses for sites offering yearly memberships. You want to be able to cancel at a moment's notice without any penalty fees.

Does your complimentary credit report include a FICO credit score? Can you take a look at a sample report? If you are partial to having your report run from one of the three major credit bureaus, make sure the free service is applicable. All these questions should be answered before you enter in your personal information.

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