Free Experian Credit Report

Written by Scott Martin
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Generally, your free Experian credit report score will be better the longer your credit history is. However, it only accounts for 15% of your total score, so even young people with short histories can score high as long as the other factors are good. If you are new to credit, there is little you can do to improve this part of your score.

What Else is a Factor on Your Free Experian Credit Report?

The amount of time that your credit accounts have been open or the number of months you have been in the credit bureau's file will be a factor. Also, the age of your oldest account and the average age of all of your accounts will be taken into consideration.

Your pursuit of new credit will account for 10% of your free Experian credit report score. Since credit is much more popular today, the credit bureaus have changed some of their calculation method to account for the new trends. Specifically, they treat a group of loan inquiries as a single inquiry but this only applies to mortgage or auto loan inquiries.

Inquiries that are caused by your application to several credit cards at one time will not look good on your report. The creditors see this as a sign that you are close to maxing out your accounts or that you are desperately seeking more money that you probably will not be able to pay back.

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