Free Instant Credit Report

Written by Scott Martin
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A good free instant credit report score can help you in many ways. It is definitely worth the effort to attempt to improve your credit. It will help you rent housing, lower your insurance costs and help you with job searches. When applying for new credit, the lender will want to know what your payment history is like. They want to know if you have paid everything on time or if you are currently late on anything. Your payment history is just one part of the total information used in calculating your score but it can be the most critical.

Payment History on Your Free Instant Credit Report
The payment history on your accounts includes credit cards, department store credit cards, installment loans, finance company accounts and mortgage loans. Collection items and public records include judgments, bankruptcies, suits, liens, collection items and wage attachments. Most of these things are considered to be very serious, although older items generally count less than recent ones.

Another factor in your free instant credit report score is how long it has been since your last delinquency. A 30 day late payment made a month ago will effect your score much more than a 90 day late payment from three years ago will. The level of delinquency that was reached will also have an effect.

As you can see, your credit report score is influenced by far more than your credit cards alone. Everything you do with your money from the time you open your first credit account will be a factor on your report.

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