Get All Three Credit Reports

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Get all three credit reports to ensure you have all the details and history that make up your credit. Looking at one credit report by itself may give you a good idea of where you stand but in order to get a complete picture you need reports from the three main credit agencies. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion are all well respected credit reporting agencies but all three have their weaknesses as well as strong points.

Varying Scores

If all three agencies calculated the same credit score then there really would be no need for each of their existence. The facts are that each agency receives different information from credit issuers and assesses risk on different factors. One agency may weigh outstanding balances higher than the other, while a different agency will place more value on late payments. It is not necessary for you to understand how each score is arrived at but it is important to realize how you can improve your overall score.

Get All Three Credit Reports to Ensure Accuracy

Unfortunately credit reports can often contain numerous errors that affect the score and in turn your purchasing power. After you have identified the errors you will need to take steps to correct them and continually monitor the credit activity. To correct errors you will need to contact the agency and support your change with payment or other information.

Even after you have corrected an error with one agency the other two may still have mistakes in their records. You need to get all three credit reports so that you can identify mistakes and fix them with all three agencies. Only after this is done can you be sure that your complete credit report is free of errors.

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