Landlord Credit Report

Written by Scott Martin
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A landlord credit report is required if you are seeking to rent an apartment or a home. Just as a bank will not want to loan you money if you have bad credit, a landlord will not want to rent you a place to live if he's unsure of your credit habits. They need to perform a landlord credit report check to ensure that you are a trustworthy tenant and thus a good investment for them.

Different landlords are more strict on what types of credit scores they will and will not accept. Landlords who run low-income housing will most likely accept a much lower score, as their tenants will generally have lower credit ratings. On the other hand, more upscale apartments complexes and communities will probably be much harsher on their applicants, as their rent will be much steeper.

Having a Good Landlord Credit Report

It can be quite a trial to find a place to live if you have extremely bad credit. Many people find that they have to have one or two roomates with extremely good credit to make up the difference. Sometimes, however, that is not enough to get you approved. One bad apple can keep the whole bunch from getting the apartment.

It's obviously important to pay your rent on time each month but that is only one of the many factors that may affect your credit. Your landlord credit report will show your credit card activity, loan activity, previous mortgages, collections and credit inquiries. It's a good idea to check your credit before you apply for tenancy to ensure it is in good standing.

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