On-line Consumer Credit Reports

Written by Jessica Duquette
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On-line consumer credit reports are very easy to obtain and can be purchased for little to no money. Periodically reviewing your credit report is an essential part of maintaining your credit and should be included in your finance routine. Credit reports can often contain errors or omissions that may damage your credit standing. A missed payment or an institution not reporting a payment can be fixed rather easily but only if you know there an error has occurred.

Free On-line Consumer Credit Reports

Once you have decided to review your credit score on a regular basis the next step is to find a trusted source that issues the report. Many websites provide free credit reports that offer a score and a summary of any recent transactions that affect your credit accounts. If you believe that the score is accurate, then there is no need to purchase a detailed credit report.

However, if you are just beginning to look at your credit it would be wiser to purchase a detailed credit report with your entire history. This report will allow you to look at all the credit accounts that you have ever had and review detailed payment information. Although the report may appear very cryptic there are resources available that will help you understand how a credit report can be read.

Making Sense

If you are reviewing on-line consumer credit reports from the three main reporting agencies you will see many different credit scores and other information. On the report you will see each credit account with contact numbers as well as many different balances and payment marks. You should not be overwhelmed when looking at the report but instead find out what each section means and learn which parts you may be able to skip.

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