Mortgage Credit Report

Written by Scott Martin
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A mortgage credit report is the key to success (or failure) when looking to purchase a home. Because you probably do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in liquid cash to spend, you will most likely want to apply for a mortgage. Of course, even if you happen to have that much in movable cash, you might still consider a mortgage for tax reasons.

Protecting Your Mortgage Credit Report

We know that a mortgage is essentially a loan, spread out over many years. According to your mortgage credit report, you are assigned a certain rate of interest. This becomes quite important, as you will want the lowest interest rate available.

Dependent on factors like income and mortgage credit report, you can find a good interest rate. Mortgage loans are huge financial risks, and the bank that funds yours wants to make sure you are reliable. You would hate to show up for an appointment with a mortgage broker, only to find out your credit put you in a high risk (and thus high interest or even disqualification) category.

The best way to protect your mortgage credit report is to request a copy. You can then make amendments, even before you ever apply for your loan. Remember that while it is indeed possible to fix mistakes on your credit report, you will have to allow adequate time (sometimes several months) for the corrections to appear.

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