Online Credit Report And Score

Written by Jessica Duquette
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An online credit report and score can give you, the consumer, a good idea of how credit issuers view you in the marketplace. By routinely checking your credit report you can verify that the information presented is accurate and up to date. Too many consumers have credit reports that include inaccuracies or duplicate accounts.

There are many companies on the internet that offer a free credit report full of all your credit history. There are so many companies offering reports that you may find that your credit score varies from report to report even if requested the same day. This could be because many credit reports only include information from one credit bureau or use outdated information.

An Accurate Online Credit Report And Score

In order to receive the most accurate credit score you should verify that the report contains information from Experian, Equifax and Trans Union, the three main credit reporting agencies. The combination of these agencies creates a complete credit history without omissions or errors. Although these three do present your credit history in full, they may not contain the most recent information or may have duplicate accounts.

Correcting Your Report

Just because you have a full online credit report and score does not mean that the report is completely true. One credit agency may show an account that is past due while another shows that account as being closed. It is imperative for every consumer to review their credit report and correct any errors. By correcting errors you may qualify for your dream home or the new car that you have had your eye on.

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