Online Credit Reports

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Online credit reports include your FICO score. FICO, short for Fair, Isaac & Company is one way credit grantors and lenders can evaluate the financial stability of borrowers. Your FICO score plays an important role with whether or not you qualify for a loan.

Perfect Credit

A FICO score can range anywhere from 300 to 800. If you have a score of 800 you have absolutely perfect credit. Spotless credit isn't just about paying bills off on time. Even though your bills are paid off, having too many accounts open can sometimes send up warnings to lenders.

Like most, you're probably looking to improve your FICO score. To do this you must first pay down balances. If you have ever defaulted on a payment or one of your bills has gone to collections, you should take care of those situations first.

Improving Online Credit Reports

Once those steps are completed; online credit reports will begin to reflect your improvements. Though this is a long process, a few minor changes in your spending habits can dramatically change your FICO score. In a mere twelve months you may be eligible for your first home mortgage.

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