Online Credit Reports

Written by Kimberly Clark
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These days a consumer can get a copy of his or her credit report rather easily. There are several methods for obtaining a report. A person could write directly to the credit bureaus or call one of their toll-free telephone numbers and request that a copy be mailed to them.

Instantaneous Access

However for those individuals who seek a quicker turnaround on their request, obtaining a copy of an online credit report might be their best option. The big three credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) all have a mechanism for allowing consumers to receive and review their credit reports via the Internet. In addition to the reports offered by the big three, there are several other companies that offer online credit reports and some even provide a composite report, which is essentially a combination of the information found in the other three reports.

The biggest advantage to obtaining a credit report online is probably the ability to instantly access the information. Plus, if any errors are detected in the credit report, most sites allow the individual to file a dispute directly on the website. For an additional fee, an individual can even obtain a copy of their credit score with their online credit report.

Other sources for purchasing an online credit report are,,,, and countless more. No matter which site you select it is important to pick an online credit reporting service that only transmits data across a secure Internet server. Especially considering how credit reports contain very personal information, which could be fraudulently used if it ever fell in the wrong hands.

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