Personal Credit Report

Written by Scott Martin
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A personal credit report score is the rating that is given to an individual or business in regard to their status as a credit risk. This score is based on past records of debt repayment, financial statements, employment and current financial status. Credit reporting agencies do not rate your credit; it's the merchants who extend credit to you do all of the rating.

Finding a Personal Credit Report

There are lots of companies that offer credit check services. You can request a free credit report at many online sites. You can subscribe to a credit check service if you wish to continually be aware of your credit situation.

It's best to obtain a personal credit report from all three major credit bureaus. You want to know all the information on your credit that is out there. Since there are sometimes discrepancies between reports, you can make sure you have all the information by getting a three credit bureau report.

Check out some online sites to find one that you like. You can take some time to compare various services until you find one you really enjoy. You can then get your personal credit report online quickly and easily.

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