Three Agency Credit Report With Score

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Three agency credit report with score will give you a comprehensive report that includes three credit scores and a detailed credit history for your perusal. Getting a full report allows you to see all your current and past credit accounts as well as view contact information for all credit companies. In addition, you can view a high, low and median score from three reputable reporting agencies.

How a Score is Determined

Credit scoring can be hard to follow for someone that is unfamiliar with a credit report. The main factors of a score are payment history, current open accounts and current balances. Each of these plays a part in how the credit agency measures your potential risk. There are other aspects of your credit that affect your score but in order to ensure the highest score you should pay close attention to your accounts and balances. Would you lend money to someone that has more monthly bills than their income?

A credit score is used to determine how much financing you can obtain because it gives a good example of how you have made payments in the past. If you are always late on your credit card and car payments then it is unlikely that a mortgage lender will see you fit to lend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although a three agency credit report with score is the main factor used to determine worthiness, you can always speak to the potential lender to discuss alternative lending strategies.

Finding a Three Agency Credit Report with Score

Some online companies are associated with only one of the three main reporting agencies, Experian, Equifax and Trans Union. Because of this they may only offer you one credit report and score from one agency. Before you make any report purchase you should be sure that you are receiving complete details of your credit history. Not only will this allow you to view all your information at once, but it will also ensure that you are receiving the same data that a potential lender would.

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